Procurement Myth: Disrupt Or Be Disrupted

October 22, 2018          0

Disruption is everywhere. In technology, banking, retail, consumer services just to name a few. And finally, it appears, disruption has arrived at the doors of the Procurement department. Some are evangelizing the mantra of “disrupt or be disrupted”. That is,...

60%+ IT Vendor Contracts Are Substandard

October 15, 2017          0

Most Procurement and Strategic Sourcing practitioners will agree contracts / agreements should includes basics such as scope, service / product definition, SLAs and KPIs, and near- and long-term pricing levels. Yet, McKinsey’s research has found that 60%+ IT vendor contracts fall...

Procurement Excellence Depends On Ability To Deliver Quantifiable Results

October 5, 2017          0

Only a small minority of Procurement teams are identified as High Performing, defined as teams with strong procurement mastery and a track-record of delivering quantifiable value. Much of the difference between Masters and Low Performers is driven by maturity of...

Majority of CEOs want to reorg Procurement due to lack of results

September 28, 2017          0

Fewer than 20% of Procurement organizations have delivered high value. Unsurprising, most CxOs respond with a want to reorganize the function. Yet, CPOs have everything they need to create generate 20% – 100% Operating Income improvement, with results beginning to...

Are CPOs meeting CEO expectations?

September 20, 2017          0

CPOs are realizing that CEOs want quantifiable results; that increased operating budgets and innovation CapEx will only follow the delivery of quantifiable savings.